Sunday, March 21, 2010


My girlfriend, Tash, had her baby girl 5 days ago. Here I am holding her when she was not even a day old. (I want one).

I normally don't invite myself over to visit new babies until around 6 days after birth, but I really couldn't wait that long. I just love those warm, curled up, grunting, soft, perfect little newborns. She is so beautiful Tash!

I'm also obsessed with people's labour and delivery stories. I truly love to hear all the details. I sometimes dream about being a midwife (although I don't like to woken up in the middle of the night).

I have lots of pictures from my visit, but first, I have to blog about Tash's Baby Shower I hosted a day before Tash went into labour.

It was an orange, pink and red and heart theme. (I saw this invite on Inchmark and basically copied it. I didn't know how to make hearts in photoshop, so I cut out and pasted some instead).

I did not make this cake. It is from the Uncommon Cake in Vancouver and it was delicious. In fact, you will never have a better tasting cake. I ate the cake leftovers all by myself the next day at 11:00am and did feel a little sick afterwards.

We played some baby scattegories and decorated some onesies for the baby.

There were some cute kids at the shower too.

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Piper said...

Love Love Love!
It was so much fun!! You did such an amazing job...everything looked gorgeous! xo.