Thursday, March 18, 2010


Hello blog. I have not forgotten you. I have been up past midnight the past week, working on another blog (my photo blog).

I have also been enjoying the cherry blossoms, pretending it is warm enough to wear flip flops, trying to be a good mom, trying not to pinch my 2 older kids, playing outside as much as possible, caring for 2 boys with 7 week long coughs, watching Clara play field hockey, going to my first ever Bat Mitvah, hosting a baby shower for my girlfriend, having snuggles with her baby 40 hours later and photographing my first 3 (official) sessions!

Maybe tonight I will post some pictures and try to catch up.

For now, here is my William waking up from his nap this afternoon, and discovering he is sharing a bed (my bed) with a stinky brown hairy animal and a mother at the doorway who takes far too many pictures in a day:

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~beautyandjoy~ said...

I've missed you! I am dying to have you do a photo session with my family some day...