Wednesday, January 20, 2010


No, the new addition is not a new baby!

Although after taking some pictures of a yummy new baby this past weekend, and then going through some old photos of my kids, I miss the big eyes and squishy cheeks and warm cuddles and sweet breath...

I wish life would slow down a bit!

I found this picture of Sam when he was 1o months old. He is so squishy. Unlike tonight, when he kicked me in the shins after I told him it was time to go to bed.

So, the first new addition is a bunk bed for my boys (currently in pieces in the garage). They are going to shack up together and Clara is going to move back in to Will's room. Sam is as excited to sleep on the top bunk as he was about Christmas. Hopefully there will be no trips to Emergency. Sam seems to think a bunk bed is a launching pad (see below):

We are making a room for our au pair who arrives in 8 sleeps! This is the other new addition to our family. Like any new thing, I am nervous, curious and excited. I wonder if I can show up for breakfast in my undies? And will she mind waffles for dinner? Will she be horrified when Sam shows her his butt? Will she sit with us on the couch at night and watch So You Think You Can Dance? What will it be like to share our home and our day with another person?

We shall see.

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andrea said...

Oh my gosh! I am so excited!!! Only 8 more sleeps! This will be such an adventure. Will call you in the next few days.


Me xo