Wednesday, August 5, 2009


This past weekend, most of the Guptells (and Mark), Grandma, Auntie and Rocco came to Pasley.  Jake put our guests immediately to work and had them help clear our beach of all logs (of which, I'm sure, have been sitting there for more than 50 years).  We also drew up some plans and began building our beach lounge and bar area (more details and pictures to follow...I hope).

Cleaning up the beach

Rowing out the offending logs and "schmegg"

Work, followed by Margheritas and Mexican dip

Sis woke up from her lounge chair slumber to this scene...Sam rowing Rocco to shore

The long weekend was also PIGS (Pasley Island Games).  We actually made it on time for the Sports Day portion this year, and also managed to corall Kirby in the cabin.  In fact, I think this was the first PIGS that Kirby did not make a sudden and frantic appearance.  

Although Sam and Clara had been practicing their running, 3 legged and jumping sack races in the upper hallway at home, and Sam had been bragging to everyone how fast he is, they both suffered from severe race anxiety.  Even Will froze seconds into the maple leaf toddler relay.  Thank goodness for participation ribbons and for the Daddy piggy back race!

Will frozen

Rocco contemplating the maple leaf race

Sam...not so happy

Clara taking a break from the stress of it all

But she agrees to the 3 legged race

And wins a third place ribbon!

Notice Will slung over Daddy's shoulder
Will's new face.  He does this when he hears the word "eyes"

The PIGS picnic was hosted by North Bay this year.  We lasted until 9:25pm and even danced a few dances before taking the kids (and ourselves) home to bed. 
Will knocking back a cold one

Clara and Auntie Lisa

Sis and Rocco

Sis teasing Will with a cookie

The boys discovering a new and very fun toy (Jake's travel bar)


Current and future friends on the Island

Rocco finds some dirt, or smoke as he likes to call it

Will discovers the dirt as well

Ding, ding...time to go home!

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Piper said...

What a fun weekend!! I love the piggyback races....And amazing pictures as always! xoxo