Friday, August 28, 2009


Upon your arrival to the South Bay dock on Pasley, you will be greeted by myself and 3 kids, our cart and our crazy dog.

Clara and Sam will guide you down the trail, past the apple trees and over the deer poop, to our cabin and I will cart your food and bags with one arm, while holding Will in the other. Perhaps next year he will walk in the right direction?

Tonight we showed up at the dock an hour early to greet Grandma and Maddy (Clara's cousin). I sipped some coffee and threw sticks for Kirby while Sam and Clara perched on the rocks waiting for the sound and then a glimpse of Gary's boat.  They were very excited to see our guests as you can see by these pictures of my daughter.  Sam was also very excited about the Hawaiian pizza Grandma brought up for our dinner.

Our last weekend before school starts.  Not feeling so good about re-entry today.

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