Monday, May 10, 2010


Some more pictures from our Mother's Day weekend.

Clara was very earnest in her Mother's Day decorating (window writers) and her card making (I got 4 of them).

(I can only wish my legs were this long and thin)

And here is the bulk of us sitting down for some afternoon champagne and fresh crab. Clara loves to jump in the photo last minute (kind of annoying).

Me and my kiddies (without whom, there would be no Mother's Day for me). I do love them.

And my loveliest of lovelies...

We tried to get away just the two of us for some special time together up on the Point, but Kirby kept following us (she is quite intense about stick fetching).

Next stop...Father's Day!

Or actually, Jake and my 10 year Anniversary. We have big plans that involve 5 nights without any children.

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